CLICK DRAIN® the future of plumbing!

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Presents CLICK DRAIN® a grate innovation to service the drainage market using seamless technology.

CLICK DRAIN® developed using PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD® has developed a full stainless steel drainage system using this centuries technology for ease of onsite fitting. The system utilises the popular 300 series stainless steel, mainly A.I.S.I grade 304 and 316 stainless steel into a multiform drainage channel using heelguard enhance water flow grates for the grated drainage channel, they are chemical resistant, light weight and timeless in material selection.

Some benefits are as follows:

  • 2 meter and 1 meter channel lengths for faster and more accurate install procedures
  • light weight compared to traditional polymer / concrete drain sections
  • channel lengths do not crack or shatter when dropped
  • revolution `click` together channel lengths and components
  • outlet sections are orientated on site
  • channel lengths can be cut on site to suit the application
  • 90 deg and 45 deg sections are standard for change of direction
  • drain terminating ends are simply clicked on
  • Green Tag certified
  • ASSDA accredited product (Australian Stainless Steel Association)
  • Weight per 2 meter length of channel at 7KG verse some 15KG per one meter section of polymer concert, this aids in quicker installation times and stops potential workplace health and safety claims for weight (lifting) against polymer concrete drains.
  • When polymer concrete is cut it produces a type of concrete dust that is bad for the installer and the environment.
  • CLICK DRAIN® drain is self supporting and does not require concrete to validate its CLASS load rating integrity
  • Packaging is lighter verse heavier polymer channel sections, resulting in cheaper transport rates for the goods to get to site.
  • CLICK DRAIN® produces a seamless drain run with a full stainless steel edge profile
  • CLICK DRAIN® is impervious to chemicals being a full stainless steel drain configuration
  • CLICK DRAIN® is able to be cut using conventional tools, std hole saws and inert cutting disc materials that are not harmful to the environment.

This patented product (Australian std patent number 2007902962) enables both builders and plumbers to basically style the drain on site as required, its clever and unique `click` together system has outlet sections, joiner sections, change of direction sections and stop ends to create a drain for all site requirements.

Using PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD® grating it is a system designed and built for the plumbing and building especially, the CLICK DRAIN® system has captured 21 years of market research to produce a new age of line drainage channel.

CLICK DRAIN® is currently available in the most common and the well-specified size of 100mm clear opening.

CLICK DRAIN® is available as a stock item minimising downtime and late ordering issues, it is packed in 1 meter and 2 meter sections.


  • 316/304 Grade
  • R11/R12 Slip resist AS/NZS 4586:2013 Appendix D.
  • Load class A,B,C,D – To AS/NZS AS3996:2006
  • Bike Safe – AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)
  • Easy Site install
  • Easy Lock Feature
  • Heelguard
  • All fittings stainless steel
  • Outlet position / size to suit each job, multiple available
  • Multiple trough inlet points available
  • Inlet points match to 100 or 200 series channel
  • See size options below

Clear opening sizes available:

  • 300 x 300 x 300 Depth>
  • 450 x 450 x 450 Depth
  • 600 x 600 x 600 Depth
600 x 600 x 600 Depth
600 x 600 x 600 Depth
600 x 600 x 600 Depth
600 x 600 x 600 Depth

* More sizes available on request

Download CLICK DRAIN ® Sump Box Spec Sheet

CLICK DRAIN ® 200 Series

  • 316/304 Grade
  • R11/R12 Slip resist AS/NZS 4586:2013 Appendix D.
  • Load class A,B,C,D-To AS/NZS AS3996:2006
  • Bike Safe -AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)
  • Easy Site install with Mitres/Ends/Outlets
  • Easy Lock Feature
  • Heelguard
  • All fittings stainless steel

Download CLICK DRAIN ® 200 Series
Download CLICK DRAIN ® 200 Series – 1m Trough
Download CLICK DRAIN ® 200 Series – 2m Trough
Download CLICK DRAIN ® 200 Series – Assembled

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