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Civil and Public Water Fountains

We work with architects and designers to create and build water fountains and drainage systems that last, becoming classic water features for generations to enjoy

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Great GRATE Water Features

Civil, Council, Architects and Developers choose us for obvious reasons. This image is one of many public drainage water features built by Paige Stainless.

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Architectural Grates, Stairs, Ballustrades, Platforms and Decks.

The best architectural products when it comes to endurance, configuration and applications use PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ®

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CLICK DRAIN. The Best Drainage System... for every reason.

Faster, Cheaper, Quicker, Greener. Say goodbye to Polycrete, Brick and Concrete and get the job done faster, easier, with greater endurance and maintenance than any of the competitors.

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The Best Shower Grates. Aussie Made by Us!

We are the leading manufacturer for shower grates in Australia, innovating design and enginnered to last, we cannot be beaten. Custom designs for any application too!

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Civil Drainage

We pioneered civil water drainage in linear drain design and development for over 20 years, covering all the main areas in surface water management for both civil and domestic application.

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Floor Grates & Entry Mats

Stainless flooring and entry mats for indoor and outdoor applicaitons, shopping centres, commercial buildings, tarmacs, anywhere a high perfomance surface is required.

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Artists, Designer and Archtiects use us. Here's why.

When Jeppe Hein (Danish artist) wanted to build a water pavillion titled "Changing Rooms" Paige Stainless made it happen. This is one of many public water features we have created.

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Floor Grates & Entry Mats

When YHA Sydney (Hostel Network) wanted a solution to their high traffic, hard wearing and stylish needs to match their building with low maitnenance they chose us to build their floors!

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Stainless Steel Grates

By Paige Stainless Fabrications

Welcome to Paige Stainless Fabrications, Established 1993 : Stainless Steel Grate manufacturers to the drainage industry for 20 years in Heelguard & Associated stainless steel grate systems. Recognised by major builders and leading architects for the highest quality, Australian made, wedge wire grating. Wedge wire grating is also known as linear grating, with applications in the stainless grating and drainage industry including such things as:

Stainless Steel Grates, Shower grates, Bathroom grates, Pool grates, Balcony and Patio grates, Driveway grates, Strip drains, and anywhere wet area drainage is required.

We are a 100% Australian owned family company, the conception of Paige Stainless in 1993 has expanded to being the `’light house’ for supply in the heelguard wedge wire drainage market.

Our focus and commitment to the industry, by way of continuous supply of quality product is apparent, as our product is found and specified both nationally and internationally.

We offer services to the industry…enveloping

  • Full CAD drafting service
  • On site measure
  • Design concepts from conception to final fitting of the product
  • Products that comply to AUST / NZ standards

We manufacture stainless steel products for the Industrial & Commercial sectors of:

  • Plumbing / drainage
  • Interior design
  • Shop & Commerical Kitchen Fit-outs
  • Building Construction
  • Hospitals
  • Laundries
  • Hotels
  • Anywhere that surface water drainage and design are wanted!

Please click through our icons or simply scroll down the page to see our stainless steel grate and related product portfolio.

Why use Stainless Steel Grates?

Stainless steel provides many unique values when you are choosing drainage grates and drains. Stainless steel drains and grates, whether for shower grates like the point or linear drain, or more complex surface drainage is the best solution available. Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market the total lifespan, visual impact and performance of stainless steel is unparalleled. Choosing stainless steel drain covers and stainless steel drainage grates is the most cost-effective option for the long term.

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a high corrosion resistant alloy. Most commonly it contains more than 10.5% Chromium. Due to the addition of Chromium, stainless steel does not rust, stain or corrode with water and higher chromium levels increase the corrosion resistance. This aversion to rust, stains, and corrosion makes stainless steel the best option for wet areas, as they preserve much better than other drainage products and have a much longer lifespan.

The Stainless Steel Grate Advantage
  • Stainless steel grates resist corrosion: stainless steel with a lower amount of alloy can resist corrosion in pure water and atmospheric environments. A higher concentration of alloy resists alkaline solutions, acids and chlorine bearing environments.
  • Stainless steel grates are more sanitized and hygienic: Stainless steel can be cleaned very easily, making it an excellent choice for environments that require strict hygiene conditions, such as restaurants, kitchens, food processing and hospitals.
  • Stainless steel looks better and has a better aesthetic appearance. It’s easily maintained, and polished surface gives your shower, bath, pool or property an attractive and modern appearance.
  • Stainless steel has a great strength-to-weight advantage: Fewer and less thick material need to be used over conventional grades or other materials, which reduces costs.
  • Stainless steel can be fabricated easily: Modern techniques to make steel mean that stainless steel can be welded, cut, formed and made as quickly as other traditional steels.
  • Stainless steel gives you long term value for your money: When you take into consideration the total life cycle costs, most often the least expensive option is stainless steel.

Types of Stainless Steel Used by Paige Stainless Fabrications

Paige Stainless uses only the best types of steel for your stainless steel grates and stainless steel drain grates. Two of the grades that we use are Grade 304 and Grade 316.

Grade 304 is the most commonly used stainless steel. It offers significant resistance to many chemicals, both organic and inorganic and resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Grade 316 is known as a marine alloy. It has improved corrosion resistance as 2% to 3% of molybdenum is added, along with 10% nickel and 18% chromium.

Uses for Stainless Steel Grates and Drains

Stainless steel drain grates are versatile and cost effective, dealing with efficient water drainage while resisting corrosion. They are available to be completely customized to fit your needs, featuring a variety of grates and load requirements.

Some of the typical applications for drains are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Entry mats in buildings
  • Parks (tree grates)
  • Civil applications like shopping precincts and city streets and walkways
  • Laboratories
  • Pools
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Entertainment zones
  • Water Features

And many more!

Why Paige Stainless?

Paige Stainless is proud to offer a custom range of stainless steel grates to fit your every need. Whether you are looking for stainless steel grates for pools, stainless steel grates for driveways, or a more industrial solution, we can help. Our dedicated service produces, develops and markets high-quality stainless steel grates and drains for commercial, industrial as well as residential applications.

Heelguard Grates

Heelguard Standard Grate Range

All styles available in Class A – D Aust Std. Grade 304 & 316


CLASSIC HEELGUARD `the introduction`….. 5mm aperture / 3mm wide linear profile


SUREGRATE  ®  slip resistant heel guard 5mm aperture / 5mm wide linear dimple profile


PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® timeless in style and function 5mm aperture / 5mm wide linear profile


BROAD LINE HEELGUARD `a different view` 3mm aperture / 5mm wide linear profile

10kN Pedestrian Precincts Only - No Vehicular Traffic
Foothpaths Where it is possible for a vehicle to mount the footpath or for light vehicles such as park tractors to use the facility
Light Vehicles with a max wheel load of up to 3.7 tonne or slow moving delivery vehicles with a max wheel load of 7.5 Tonne.
Highway Traffic at Legal Loads and Speeds
Area Subject to Container Forklift or Earthmoving Equipment
Airport Aprons
Airport Taxiways


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Our Products

Architechtural Grates

Architectural products are wide and varied, no job is turned away in this field.

Floor Grates and Entry Mats

Architectural floor waste grates and entry mats, for every civil, industrial and commercial application.

Tree Grates

Tree Grates to guard and protect tree pits and heels in any public space.

Water Features

Stainless Steel Water Features Make Amazing Public Spaces! For Councils, Artists, Architects, Designers, and...

Click Drain

The DIAMOND SERIES ® developed by PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® has produced a full...

Civil Drainage

Civil drainage solutions for every architectural need. From airports, to public spaces we custom...

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Intro to Paige Stainless

“An industry leader and advocate for Australian Standards was the clear choice for our stringent needs.  Thank you Paige Stainless!”

- Jeppe Hein

Appearing Rooms


What is the Best Grate? Stainless Steel VS Fibreglass Grating

Fibreglass (FRP) or Stainless steel? (image)  Versus (image)   When it comes to grating, what is better? Fibreglass or stainless steel?? We get asked this a lot, so, here is a list of responses to questions and myths around fibreglass and stainless steel for such things as: Grates and grating applications (showers, linear, floor and tile inserts) Drains Pits Sumps Proof: Stainless Steel is better than Fibre Glass! Stainless...

Australian Steel Manufacturing

Why Buy Australian Made Stainless Steel Products?

Buying Aussie made benefits you! Generally speaking, our manufacturers, farmers, fishermen and processors make some of the best products in the world, and by buying their goods, you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting great products and produce. Australian products and produce have been manufactured or grown locally to meet our high Australian Standards. They come...


Paige Stainless is Greentag Certified

Global GreenTagCert™ Level A Certified, architectural grates and trays made from stainless steel for high performance civil, commercial and residential / domestic drainage applications. Heelguard Stainless steel Grating and Tray systems are a safe, slip resistant architectural finish ideal for public spaces as women’s high heel shoes cannot penetrate thus reducing trip hazards. It uses 100% Australian manufactured wedge wire...

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